.../// MOONS HALO \\\...

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print 2.jpg

.../// MOONS HALO \\\...


The halo around the Moon is caused by the refraction of moonlight from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. 
The light refracts at 22° in the ice, so the eye only sees the ring of light around the moon and not elsewhere. 
The phenomenon is often said to warn of an approaching storm front although that's not entirely true so let's hope for sun tomorrow!

Camera: Pentax K-1 and 24-70
Shutter Speed: 5" 
Aperture: f2.8
ISO: 400

Print info: One photo printed unmounted at 6"x4" - £20
Photo mounted and framed as seen in the picture - £40

One of only ten LIMITED prints!

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Europe - £3 shipping* 
Rest of the world - £6 shipping*

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*These shipping charges will apply for prints sold alone. When selecting mounted and framed I will reply with how much the postage to your address will be. Where ever you are in the world!

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