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Music and Event photography is to me where my passion really lives. Every single time I capture something that unfolds in front of me or I get to frame a photo of someone in there own element. I am jumping up and down inside like an excited toddler. 

That to me is what photography is all about and should always be about. Sharing what other people spend there own time mastering and preforming for a crowd to listen, laugh and enjoy! You just cant beat it at all. Ever!



Portraits is one aspect of photography I have been shooting since I picked up my first camera. Starting way back just capturing my family and memories right to where I am now.

I seem to concentrate more on shooting either studio set up shots experimenting with different techniques. Or as you see to the left out on location. Spending the time needed to capture not just a muse but an image that pulls you further into the photo and question the story.



First things first, Landscape photography can be challenging. Really challenging but it is all about working within the fixed constraints of the land. You must exist within the natural world and you do not have studio lighting to help you get the best detail from every shot.

However, it is an addictive pursuit. Every time that the light is inadequate, the wind too strong or the tourists in your way- makes the moments when it all comes together even more special!