My film portfolio has really exploded over the last 2 years since I purchased my Mamiya 645pro and I have shot a hell of a lot. Also bought  a hell of a lot. Like ALOT. Ask anyone who has seen my office! The image size the 645 produces is 6 x 4.5 cm, and with this you can get 16 shots on a 120 roll. It is the smallest in medium format negative size but you get more on each roll. Plus the camera is smaller and easier to use. Thats the main reason I use the Mamiya 645pro as it weighs a lot less than any 6x6 or 6x7 cameras. That’s a huge bonus for me as I carry a heavy Pentax k-1 in my bag also for my digital shots.

I love not being able to see the photo when I take it. This makes me more aware. I like that it actually costs money to shoot film (well I do wish it costs less). Each and every frame I shoot, I strive to make it even better than the last because each frame has a literal price. With digital it becomes too easy to overshoot and not look for the best shots. I love that it takes time to get my film back because it feels like Christmas morning every time I get my negs back and spend the time scanning them all in. While I love film for its color, dynamic range, grain and what it can do with natural light, there is still a time and place for digital. There are times when I prefer my digital files. But overall, film has made me more aware, has pushed me creatively, and has given me a new perspective in my life as a photographer.